House of Inspiration's (HOI) programs aim to provide quality, professional, and effective community-based services to disadvantaged and/or at-risk youth and families in our community. To accomplish this, we aspire to form partnerships with other community-based organizations and set the standard for effective delivery of care to those in our community who need assistance. House of Inspiration is committed to ensuring that all youth past and present obtain ongoing care and support, which will 'inspire young minds to climb' and use their maximum potential as productive citizens in society.

House of Inspiration offers a range support services in a community setting for the purpose of assisting youth who are at-risk of out of home placement due to serious emotional and behavioral disturbances and their families. We additionally seek to reunite youth and families where possible and /or provide a safe network using extended family as well as community linkage. Overall we seek to "Serve our Community with Patience, Compassion, and Understanding."

Core Values
  • Provide safe, nurturing, person centered environment
  • Treat all consumers, family members, staff, and community members with dignity, sensitivity, and respect for their cultural and individual differences.
  • Provide services in a professional, confidential, and competent manner.
  • Design program services based on the needs of the individual within the context of their goals, family, and community
  • Work with consumers and their families to achieve their goals of recovery; fostering self determination, choice, and the maximizing of one's potential.
  • Intervene as early and as briefly as possible.
  • Utilize total quality management principles to pursue excellence throughout the organization.