CCFA and WA Programs

Comprehensive Child & Family Assessment (CCFA) and Wrap Around (WA) Services are comprehensive home-based mental health treatment and case management services designed to provide critical support in Placement (PLC) cases with the intent of promoting safe and stable families and early reunification.

CCFA assessments are used to assist Department of Family and Child Services (DFCS) staff, the juvenile court, families and providers in developing case plans, making placement decisions, expediting permanency and planning for effective service interventions.

Wrap-around services are used to support children placed in DFCS foster homes, children reunited with their birth families with court ordered services, children placed with relative caregivers who receive an Enhanced Relative Care Subsidy (ERCS), Relative Care Subsidy (RCS), Enhanced Subsidized Guardianship (ESG) or Subsidized Guardianship (SG). Wrap-Around services may also be used to support birth parents, relative caregivers and foster parents. Services are available to children and resource families before the adoption is finalized. The individual Wrap-Around Services may be used in combination or as separate service components. 

Service Goals 

  • Increase Child and Family Resources 
  • Reduce out-of-home placements 
  • Decrease length of stay in foster homes and frequency of disruptions while in the care of DFCS. 

Who is eligible for CCFAWA services? 

CCFA and WA Services are obtained through the local Department of Family and Child Services (DFCS). Referrals are made by the DFCS case manager or supervisor.  

CCFA Service Options 

  • Child and Family Assessments 
  • Psychological Evaluation 
  • MedicalDentalHealth Checks 
  • Relative Home Evaluations

    WA Service Options   


    • Case Management 
    • Crisis Intervention
    • Individual and Family Counseling
    • Parent Education and Training
    • Life Skills Development
    • Behavior Modification
    • Court Appearance
    • Transportation